Live for Today but …..Plan for Tomorrow

Ok, so if you have listened to my Podcast, you will hear how it is so easy to think that you can control the future if you do A, B, and C…then success comes at Z.  Not necessarily so…but you must keep the future in mind when going to school meetings, meetings with the professionals regarding your loved one, or supporting your loved one as he/she plans his/ her future. Ok, I know this sounds a bit tricky but here goes……

  • When school meetings are coming up, be prepared. Review goals listed last time and see if those were achieved.  If it appears goals are never met, there is definitely something wrong in the planning area. Remember to include the student in all decisions.
  • If you foresee trouble with the school professionals or a conflict between what the school wants to do verses what you as a parent or the student thinks needs to be worked on, contact an advocate.
  • Advocates can be located in most areas of Pennsylvania and throughout the United States.  Check with non-profits who serve or advocate for those with disabilities in your area first.  They will provide an advocate free of charge.  There are also professional advocates who charge a fee.
  • Start planning for adult life while your loved one is a teen.  This way, course work, learning a skill, etc. can be geared for that time your loved one is finishing high school or will turn 21.
  • In the adult world, if there is a problem with a system that is assisting an adult, contact an advocate to assist.
  • Learn about Education Law (, learn about the systems your loved on is dealing with or will be dealing with as an adult.
  • Allow your loved one to lead the way; he or she will show you interests and capabilities.  Just as a typical son or daughter would…
  • If you are a parent who is aging, consider who will support your adult child when you are no longer here to do so. Although it is difficult to consider this issue, it must be faced. Depending on the type of support you provide now, explore who will offer this support when you are gone…this has to be done, not only for your peace of mind, but for your loved one’s safety and security.

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