About Linda…

I live in Southwestern PA.  When I lived with my first husband in a small town in PA, we had two children.  Jeremy, now age 43, was diagnosed with autism at age 5 and bipolar disorder at age 20.  Dan, age 40, graduated from college, moved to New York where he met and married a special education teacher.  They have one child, age 11, who brings us much joy!

I became an advocate for Jeremy early in his life since there were not any services in our area. The school district did not have a clue what to do with him.  It was the times…so we advocates united, started organizations, threatened due process, and helped to make Autism a household word.

But what a ride…challenges, heartache, victories, disappointments. I have learned a lot..and made some mistakes along the way.  That is what this podcast is about.

I am also a retired Social Worker.  I have worked with families of folks with mental health issues, women dealing with domestic violence in their lives, the homeless population (many have mental health issues), and those with critical needs due to a disability.  So, this podcast is not only about my life with my family but also the challenges of families whose child, teen, adult has disabilities.

So, welcome!  Let’s learn and share!